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Data Visualization with Tableau, R and Python course



Data science doesn’t need to be the complex subject it is thought to be. Not with Simpliv, for sure. Understand when to use the right tools, how to connect to the right data source, how to connect Tableau Desktop with R to optimize the functions of R, packages, libraries and saved models. Also learn to use Python scripts for your fields in Tableau in the same way as you do with R. Ideal for becoming a complete data professional.

Who is the target audience?

All the professionals who are passionate about business intelligence, data visualization, and data analytics.

Basic knowledge:

There are no prerequisites for taking up this certification training course.



Visualization with Tableau

Tableau - An Introduction

Aggregation and Granularity

Action Filters and Action Highlights

Customer Segmentation Dashboard

Data Blending

Find top 10 Gems

Table Calculations (Explaining various Table calculations )

Difference between Table calculations and Calculated fields

LOD Functions

How to connect to databases (Video based)

How to integrate Tableau with R (Video based)

Dashboarding Techniques

Other Charts

Python and R basics

Tableau - An Introduction

Core programming concepts

Objects in Python

Visualizations in Python

Packages in Python

Packages in Python

Matrix Operations


Introduction to R

Objects in R

Core programming concepts

Visualizations in R (Packages in R)

Matrix Operations


Lists in R

Apply family functions in R

Projects and Tests


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