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Date: Friday January 18, 2019
Time: 10:00 AM PST | 01:00 PM EST


Nearly everyone worries and more than 1/4 of people say they worry too much. In this webinar
learn why treating worry is the key to improving physical and mental health, including

Learn that the best treatment for generalized anxiety disorder (excessive worry), is
cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). While it is best to refer to a therapist specializing in
CBT you will learn simple strategies to get patients started.

Why should you Attend: More than 25% of people report that they worry too much. It has
recently become clear that excessive worry leads not only to anxiety, but causes or
contributes significantly to depression, medical conditions (e.g. IBS, cardiovascular disease,
skin disorders) and more distressing anxiety disorders (e.g. panic disorder, OCD).

Medication is usually ineffective or only partially effective and side-effects can even
exacerbate anxiety, not to mention the risk of dependency. Furthermore, many patients would
rather avoid medication and some refuse. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is very effective
in treating GAD.

For example, in a study in which Dr. Abel was a protocol therapist, over 91% of participants
no longer met criteria for GAD (83% at two year follow-up).

The purpose of this webinar is two-fold. One is to educate you on the effectiveness of
cognitive behavioral therapy in the treatment of GAD so that you consider referring to a CBT
therapist. The other is to provide you with some simple strategies that you can pass on to
your patients in less than five minutes.  

Areas Covered in the Session:

Research Indicating that worry causes or Contributes to Depression, Medical Problems, and
other Anxiety Disorders
When Worry is Treated these Comorbid Conditions Improve
Two most Important things to understand about Treating Worry
Data on Effectiveness of CBT for Worry and GAD
Simple Techniques you can Teach in less than 5 Minutes

Who Will Benefit:

All Health Care Professionals

Speaker Profile
Dr. Jennifer L. Abel is an experienced international speaker who has conducted 100’s of
workshops and seminars for health professionals with very positive feedback. She was trained
as a scientist-practitioner specializing in the cognitive-behavioral treatment of anxiety
disorders and has crafted evidence based strategies of her own in her clinical practice of 25

Price - $139
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