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Webinar On An Overview of Medical Coding Systems: CPTs, HCPCS, DRGs, ICD-10, APCs


Date: Tuesday February 12, 2019
Time: 10:00 AM PST | 01:00 PM EST


Medical coding is the foundation of the US healthcare system. Medical codes are essential for billing and claims, reimbursement, healthcare analytics, risk scoring, physician compensation, among many other uses.Every claim includes multiple codes from various coding systems.

This webinar explains the use of five of the most common schemes in use today: CPT and HCPCS codes, ICD-10 codes, DRGs, and APCs.

For each system, we discuss how codes are assigned; where they appear on the claim; how they are used for billing and reimbursement; which types of claims are subject to each coding scheme; and other features of each system. We also provide tips for analyzing data containing these codes.

Why should you Attend: Most healthcare workers use medical codes in one way or another in their jobs. To many people, coding systems such as CPT and ICD-10 can be confusing and hard to understand.

Attendees will learn how each of five major coding systems is used and how it impacts various components of our healthcare industry.Whether you are a medical biller or analyst, health plan worker or provider, this webinar will provide a foundation on which you can build your understanding of medical coding methods.

Areas Covered in the Session:

How each coding system works
When and why they're used
How they affect charges and reimbursement
CPT, HCPCS codes
Diagnosis Related Groups (DRGs) and Major Diagnostic Categories (MDCs)
Ambulatory Patient Classifications (APCs)
ICD-10 diagnosis and procedure codes

Who Will Benefit:
Health Information Managers
Medical Billers
Physicians and other Medical Professionals
Provider Contract Managers
Medical Coders
Claim Examiners
Reimbursement Directors
Payment Integrity Managers
Quality Managers
Revenue Managers

Speaker Profile
Rich Henriksen is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Nokomis Health. Rich has 30 years of experience in healthcare systems, coding, billing, and reimbursement. He has led managed care departments and provider contracting units at a variety of organizations, including hospitals, clinics, and health plans. Rich has worked with over 70 different organizations, ranging from hospitals and clinics to third-party administrators, law firms, and internet-based companies. As a respected industry expert, he is well known for his unparalleled depth of knowledge in all aspects of healthcare coding, billing and reimbursement.

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