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eventriX for speakers

Find the best speaking opportunities. Easily manage your ongoing engagements.


Intuitively create an attractive speaker profile

Your speaker profile - clearly presented, intuitively created and always available. Quickly share information with organisers and get found by people looking to collaborate with you.


Easily identify noteworthy speaking opportunities

Browse events on the platform by your topics of interest. Quickly evaluate if an event is worth your time and meets your collaboration requirements. Get notified of events matching your profile.


Quickly collaborate with organizers to match the audience profile

You submit a session proposal or an invited session to organisers. eventriX makes it easy to have conversations with reviewers, to fit the session content to the audience specific and culture.


Keep your sessions in order & evolve them as you gather feedback

Store and present your available sessions. This way organisers can upfront choose the sessions that are interesting to their audience, and you’ll never have to spend time searching for that misplaced abstract.


Quickly submit sessions to multiple events

The submission process has never been this fast. You can use existing sessions, make on-the-spot adjustments to the conference specific and fill-in audience details in a few clicks.