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Alexandru Bolboaca

CTO at Mozaic Works


Bucharest, Romania


Alex is a polyglot programmer, trainer and coach at Mozaic Works. He has worked for almost 15 years in software development, for various industries and in various european countries and UK.

Alex co-facilitated the first code retreat outside US in Bucharest in 2009. Since then, he's facilitated tens of events such as coding dojos, architectural katas, code retreats and others in many countries from Europe.

He is also a contributor to publications and blogs such as: Today Software Magazine, Agile Record Magazine, and his own blog,

Speaking Experience

His speaking experience includes sessions at: OpenAgile Romania, I TAKE Unconference, SoCraTes UK, Agile Cambridge, Agile Lean Europe Unconference, ACE Conf and OWASP.

I Love to Talk About

software design TDD software architecture unit testing usable software design Test Driven Development refactoring software craftsmanship software design and general design practices

Recorded Sessions