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Alexandru Gherega, Ph.D.

CS Researcher & Senior Software Engineer at


Bucharest, Romania


I'm a CS researcher focusing on topics such as Functional Programming, Artificial Intelligence, (Machine) Learning, Education, Distributed Systems&Computing, Mathematics & Physics, IoT, Smart devices and more recently on Quantum Computing and Cryptocurrency. I've always enjoyed talking to people and address them in a seminary environment - that's because ideas get best exchanged based on a solid, both theoretical and practical, foundation. I like helping others get up to speed on sucha basis and then co-work on fun and interesting, yet very real problems.

Graduated my Ph.D. in CS in 2011 on the topic of resource allocation optimization in highly heterogeneous and large distributed systems, I went through 8 years of academic research, and 8 years of industrial/comercial projects experience. In the last 6 years I've been working almost exclusively with Clojure and related Functional Programming languages and technologies. For the past 2 years I've been one of the main contributors and creators of - which is an active effort on CS research and development. 

As a Lecturer:

* I held several courses and seminaries at University "Politehnica"Bucharest - for students in final years and Master's programs. The main topics involved algorithms, programming, parallel and distributed computing, multi-media interfaces and design (i.e. UI on various platforms), algorithms, software architecture.and design.

* I've organized and held the lectures for a two week crash course for FP-beginners on Clojure: Clojure Summer School held in 2015.

From the past year:

* I've also actively attended various meetups the last one was the FP meetup in Cluj(November 2016) and also started the Bucharest Clojure Meetup (May 2017) - where I regularly give talks, both keynote and workshop.

* Attended as a speaker at DevTalks Cluj 2017 with a 3h Clojure workshop.

* Attended as a keynote speaker DevTalks Bucharest 2017 with a keynote talk on Functional Programming, Clojure and the future of it all.

* Attended as a speaker at Softbinator #100 edition of IT&C talks.

To sum up: >6years speaker experience. 

I Love to Talk About

Clojure Functional Programming Mathematics Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Software Egineering Future