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Andreea Popescu

Usability/UX Specialist at Evozon


Cluj-Napoca, Romania


I'm coming with a complex experience in understanding the user navigation on Web area, especially on e-commerce Websites/applications, from testing to usability and UX. I'm passionate about neuroscience, research, human-computer interaction, anthropology and public speaking. Behind all user research, I think that it’s very important to keep up in mind when you develop a usability theory the brain and its behavior and, of course, the anthropological studies regarding the other influences for user.

Speaking Experience

"CodeCamp", at Hotel Grand Italia, november 2016

Tabara de Toamna, Balu, septembrie 2016

YAPC (international event), Cluj-Napoca, august 2016

"Tabara de testare", workshop, Cluj-Napoca, July 2016

"Gentlemen in business", 2nd ed., Cluj-Napoca, May 2016

"CodeCamp", at Hotel Grand Italia, Cluj-Napoca, 7 May 2016

"CodeCamp", at Hotel International, Iasi, 7 Nov. 2015

"Design Jam: Autumn Edition", at Faculty of Computer Science, Iasi, 31 Oct. - 1 Nov. 2014

"Open Source" Iasi (1st ed.), at Congress Hall, Palas Mall, Iasi, 15 Mar. 2014

"Winter Web Workshop", at Faculty of Computer Science, Iasi, 7 - 8 Dec. 2013

“Firefox OS Hackathon”, at Faculty of Computer Science, Iasi, 13 July 2013

“Design Jam” event at the Faculty of Computer Science, Iasi, 24 - 25 May 2013.

“Firefox OS App Days”, at Faculty of Computer Science, Iasi, 23 Mar. 2013.

“Firefox 18 Launch Party” event, at Faculty of Computer Science, Iasi, 19 Jan. 2013.

I Love to Talk About

usability UX neuroscience

Recorded Sessions