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Andrei Petcu

Software Developer at Cegeka


Bucharest, Romania


I have over 8 years of experience in software development, mostly with Java but I use whatever tools are more fit to do the job and that's why a worked on various projects written in other

programming languages like JavaScript, Ruby (on Rails) and Python. I am very passionate about security, DevOps and GNU/Linux. My passion for technology led me to collaborate with various Romanian NGO's and work on free software projects.

Speaking Experience

I read a lot about technology and I talk with much enthusiasm about the things I like. I go to conferences and usually cover subjects related to DevOps and Free Software. The biggest conferences I spoke at in the past were PDF PL-CEE and iTake. I am a huge fan of Open Space events and I enjoy the ad hoc learning they provide.

I Love to Talk About

DevOps erchitecture elk logs