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Clément Bouillier

Software Craftsman at DevLyon


Lyon, France


I worked as a software developer/architect since 2004. I spent 9 years in consultancy companies, working for several clients, then I started as an independant since 2013.
I focused on agility since 2005, and on software craftsmanship since 2012.
I worked mainly on .NET platform since 2004, but also had experiences in PHP/Symfony2, Android, Java since 2012.
I am deeply invested in local communities in Lyon (France) : Software Craftsmanship, Microsoft UG, Human Talks.

Speaking Experience

Talk at Agile France 2011.
Workshop each year at Mix-IT 2013/2014/2015 (Lyon).
Event Storming workshop at BDX.IO 2015 & Agile Tour Aix-Marseille 2015.
Several proposals at open forums in Socrates UK & FR events (in english).
Several talks at local communities (in Lyon)

I Love to Talk About

agile ddd cqrs architecture event sourcing