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Dananthi Arnott

Agile Coach / Trainer at Royal Bank of Canada


Toronto, Canada


Dananthi Arnott is the agile coach for a large financial organization, where she helps teams transition to an agile project management framework. As a catalyst for change, her focus is on helping individuals and teams resolve their challenges by taking a non-directive approach to coaching and building self-organized, high-performing teams within the organization.

Dananthi’s skills and experience come from her background as a project manager, trainer, agile coach, business systems analyst and software developer. She is an instructor for and has published on-line courses especially designed to guide you through not only the various responsibilities of the product owner role, but also the expectations of it.

In her free time, Dananthi volunteers at the local iiBA chapters and at the local colleges that offer BA programmes in Toronto and Waterloo, Canada, to share her experiences and discuss agile topics with Business Analysts, helping them with their agile transformation.