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Dennis Doomen

Principal Consultant at Aviva Solutions Netherlands


Koudekerk aan de Rijn, Netherlands


Dennis is an experienced .NET agile architect with a broad interest in modern software development, Domain Driven Design, CQRS, Event Sourcing and everything agile. He specializes in designing enterprise solutions based on the .NET technologies as well as providing coaching on all aspects of designing, building and maintaining enterprise systems. He is the author of, an assertion framework for fluently asserting the outcome of unit tests and he has publishing coding guidelines for C# 3.0, C# 4.0 and C# 5.0 on since 2001. He also maintains a blog on his everlasting quest for better solutions at You can reach him on twitter through @ddoomen.

Speaking Experience

Various conferences and events in the Netherlands, Norway, UK, Belgium, Germany, Spain and Switserland, including DotNed, NRW Conference (DE), Microsoft TechDays, Visual Studio User Group (BE), Developer Developer Developer (UK), Devnology, Software Development Network, Haagse Hogeschool, Norwegian Developers Conference (NO), CodeCamp, VSOne (DE), Community Day (BE), Techorama (BE), Users Groups Bern, Zurich and Luzern (CH), Dutch National Architecture Congress

I Love to Talk About

TDD Agile Architecture Event Sourcing .NET Software-Craftsmanship CQRS Domain Driven Design