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Dusanka Lecic Marijan Mihaljev

Levi9 IT Services




Dusanka works as a test developer at Levi9 IT Services. Last year she finished her PhD Thesis. During ten years of her career she was a speaker at international conferences and author of many scientific papers. When she first met the testing, she realized that she completely finds herself in software testing. Working as a test developer isn't just a job for her. It is more like a passion that grows from day to day and making her so curious to learn more and more. Every conference is a new challenge to present her knowledge in a best way.

Marijan Mihaljev works for Levi9 IT Services as developer/team-lead. His past took him for a jurney through Delphi, C, C#, GoLang and Java. Always eager to try new and exotic solutions, he found his satisfaction in Clojure.