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Fatma Güneri

Adjunct Lecturer at IESEG School of Management




Dr. Fatma Güneri


2015- Postdoctoral Research Candidate (Diplôme Supérieur de Recherche 3. Year), Lille University of Science and Technology

2014   PhD, Management Sciences (specialized in Marketing), IAE of Lille (Institute of Management)

2008   Master Degree in Marketing Research (excellence grant), IAE of Lille

2007   Master Degree in Global E-Business (in English, excellence grant), Lille University of Sc. and T

2006   Economics (in English, excellence grant), Kadir Has University, Turkey

2005   Banking and Finance, Applied Science Faculty, (in English, Erasmus), Austria



2016   The United Nations Mandated University for Peace-Certificate of Executive Education ‘Designing for Social Innovation and Leadership’ with a field trip in Bangkok-West Bali, officially sponsored by Lille Airport

2016   Research Intern: Social and Universal Innovation, Intuitive Product Concept, CESI Nanterre-Tactile Studio, Paris

2016   The Spring School, Management of Creativity (excellence grant), Groupe HEI ISA ISEN, Lille

2015   Workshop, 9H Chrono to Innovate, ADICODE of Euratechnologies, Lomme

2015   Innovation Summer Camp, Entrepreneurial Center of Institute of Institute of Optic/ University of Paris-Saclay, Paris

2015   Workshop, Eco-Innovate to Create Better, Le Lieu du Design, Paris

2015   The Spring School, Manag. of Creativity (excellence grant), Groupe HEI ISA ISEN

  1. Organisation of Trainings for the Companies

Trainings organized by Jean-Charles Cailliez-Delphine Carissimo-Fatma Güneri

2016   1. DamarTex

  1. RTE France

Academic Experiences in Teaching&Research

2016   Lecturer (non permanent) at IESEG School of Management, Lille, France

Courses: International Economics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Applied Economics, Marketing BtoC, Marketing BtoB, Market Research, Sales Essentials

2015   Instructor at IAE of Lille, Course: Marketing (in English)

2014   Instructor at ECV (School of Visual Communication) of Lille, Course: Marketing


2014   Instructor at IAE of Lille, Course: Marketing (in French), Service Marketing (in English)

2013-  Self-employed in the field of marketing teaching


2014   Instructor at Enaco Excellence, Courses: Banking Marketing, International Marketing


2013   Instructor at GEA of Lille (Management of Companies and Administrations)

Courses: Intercultural Management, Social Media, Marketing


2013   Full Time Temporary Research and Teaching Assistantat IAE of Lille

Courses: Marketing, International Marketing, Service Marketing

2011   Erasmus Teaching Staff at Alytaus Kolegija, Lithuania, Course: Marketing


2011   Research Beneficiary and Teaching Assistant at IAE of Lille

Followed Trainings

2015   Statistics&Research Methodology Trainings, Leuven Statistics Research Center, KU Leuven, Belgium

2014   Workshop: Neuroeconomics, Ecole Normale Supérieur, Paris

2011   Training in Scientific and Professional Communication in English, Lille

2007   Training in French Language and Civilization, Catholic University, Lille

2006   Entrepreneurship Training-Istanbul Industrial Engineer Student Club Association, Turkey

2006   Entrepreneurship Training-Entrepreneur University Students Association, Turkey

2006   Training in Informatics Technologies, Anadolu University, Turkey

2006   Marketing Training Camp, Koç University, Turkey

2005   Management Trainings with CEO’s, Egitisim Career Institute, Turkey


2016   Coaching-Mission Entreprendre Pour Apprendre in Campus Probono HEC, Paris

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