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Franziska Sauerwein Software Craftswoman at Codurance LTD

Introduction to Outside In Test Driven Development (London School)

Learn about different styles of TDD and how to choose the appropriate one

TDD (Test Driven Development) has become a widespread practice and CV buzzword in the development community.

When I started getting involved in the European Software Craftsmanship Community, I thought I knew what it was - I was surprised to learn there are many variations of it, and two main schools: the classic approach and the London school. Three years later, and I have been using the outside-in approach successfully in multiple projects and combining it with the classic approach.

This talk will give you an introduction with code examples using Java, Mockito and JUnit, illustrating the basic principles and when to choose it over other styles of TDD.

I will tell from my experiences on how to choose and combine an appropriate TDD approach for typical situations when developing business software.


This will not cover a basic introduction into TDD - unless the program committee thinks there is a need for such an introduction, in which case this can be turned into a beginner level talk.
This can also be a workshop where participants can practice Outside-In-TDD themselves.