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Ittai Zeidman

Head of Backend Engineering at Wix


Tel-Aviv, Israel


Ittai heads the backend engineering group at Wix. Previously Ittai headed the server software infrastructure team at Wix, serving dozens of developers with everything they need to build apps for Wix’s highly scalable microservices based architecture. Prior to joining Wix, Ittai led server and infrastructure teams in various Israeli startups in the fields of telecom, medical software and even online fashion.

Ittai is a fervent believer in Test-Driven Development, Clean Code and Software Craftsmanship, and practices (and preaches) it daily at Wix. At the end of the day he will relax with his wife and three daughters in the sleepy suburb of Givatayim, Israel.

Speaking Experience

Spoke in several internal & external Wix meetups and am scheduled to appear in Clean Code Alliance and JS-Israel meetups soon.
Spoke at Clean Code Days Munich 2015.

I Love to Talk About

Shared Libraries Software Craftsmanship Clean Code TDD