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Jean Helou

Freelance scala developper at Devlyon


Lyon, France


Jean has been a professional developer for over ten years. He currently works as a freelance Scala developer in Lyon where he is involved in multiple Scala, Play! and Akka projects. Jean is a passionate programmer who loves sharing, about Scala but also application design, code quality and all software engineering topics. In the spirit of sharing his passion, he created and co-organizes the Lyon Scala User Group, helps organize a yearly Scala community conference in France and regularly facilitates workshops around Scala and/or software engineering either at user groups or at conferences.

Speaking Experience

Jean regularly facilitates workshops :
- "Dans scas là" a scala workshops (Mix-IT, Devoxx France 2013, Scala Lyon UG 2014)
- Akka Airport workshop (Mix-IT, Devoxx France 2014)
- Mixter DDD/CQRS/ES (Mix-IT 2015, SnowCampIO 2016, Ncraft 2016, Itake Unconf 2016)

He co-presented a live coding on DDD/CQRS/ES with Florent Pellet at
- the Lyon Microsoft UG in 2015
Agile Grenoble 2015
- NCraft 2016

I Love to Talk About

DDD akka Scala ES CQRS Functional Programming Software craftsmanship