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Lemi Orhan Ergin

Agile Software Craftsman at Craftbase


Istanbul, Turkey


Lemi Orhan Ergin has been working as Agile Software Craftsman at Craftbase, a company of Software Crafters building their dreams in Istanbul. He has been actively developing software since 2001. He has worked as software architect, software craftsman, technical leader, team leader, technical coordinator, Scrum Master and Agile coach in dozens of software projects at eBay Turkey, Sony Europe, ACM and iyzico. He had provided consulting services to dozens of companies. He had led the establishment of agile software cultures, continuity and sustainability in software teams.

He has been sharing his experience about Agile / Scrum, Kanban, Management 3.0, Git, ALM Processes, TDD, Clean Code, Agile Engineering Practices and Software Craftsmanship via conferences, meetups and seminars since 2008. He has been local  and international conference speaker. Slides of his talks has been displayed more than 1 million times on the Internet.

He works voluntarily in software communities. He is the founder of the Software Craftsmanship Turkey community. He had been the leader of the community of Agile Turkey and the product owner of Agile Turkey Summit and CraftSummit conferences for two years.

He was in the team for translating Agile Manifesto into Turkish. He is the official Turkish translator for Software Craftsmanship Manifesto, SOA Manifesto and Disciplined Agile Manifesto.

Speaking Experience

Conference Talks:

  • GDG DevFest Istanbul Developer Conferences 2013
  • Dynamics Project Management Congress 2013
  • ETohum Developers Day 2013
  • International Workshop on Agile Approaches to Software Development 2013
  • Avea Agile Summit 2014
  • Lean Kanban Istanbul 2014
  • GDG DevFest Istanbul Developer Conferences 2014
  • Özgür Web Teknolojileri Günü 2014
  • PhpIst 2014
  • Voxxed Day Istanbul 2015
  • Craftsummit 2015
  • PHPKonf 2015 (Keynote)
  • Turk Telekom Agile Summit 2015
  • Agile Tour Kaunas 2015 (at Latvia)
  • Karabuk University Programming Days 2016
  • Agile Middle East Dubai 2016 (at Dubai)
  • Bosnia Agile Day 2016 (Keynote at Bosnia)
  • GDG DevFest Izmir Developer Conference 2016 
  • Dynamics Project Management Congress 2017
  • Java Day Istanbul 2017
  • DevNot Developer Conference 2017
  • Bucharest Business Summit 2017 (at Romania)
  • TestIstanbul Conference 2017
  • Devoxx Poland 2017 (at Poland)
  • XP Days Ukraine 2017 (at Ukraine)
  • HacknBreak Festival 2017
  • DevFest İzmir 2017
  • Bilmök 2018
  • PHPKonf 2018 (I will speak)
  • Java Day Istanbul 2018 (I will speak)
  • 2018 (I will speak)
  • DevNot Istanbul Summit 2018 (I will speak)
  • Women Tech Makers Istanbul 2018 (I will speak)

Also I delivered talks at 80+ meetups, public & private seminars and workshops.

I Love to Talk About

professionalism software craftsmanship ethics git pair programming XP practices code review agile development development culture scrum kanban TDD testing strategies

Recorded Sessions