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Marcus Biel

CEO, Founder at Clean Code Academy


Munich, Germany


Marcus Biel is a software craftsman and the author of a series of Java video tutorials focused on creating the cleanest and most well-structured code possible. As someone who has previously spoken in public about his ideas on Java development, and who continues to share his ideas, he prides himself on being a clean code craftsman who is always looking to help others with his knowledge and experience.

Since 2001, Marcus has worked on many different Java related projects, mostly in the finance and telecommunications industries. He considers himself a pragmatic perfectionist and looks to share his know-how with aspiring developers.

Marcus started creating videos because he wanted to share all the tips and tricks that come from the detailed knowledge he has gained in over fifteen years of Java development. While writing the code and understanding various coding techniques is important, Marcus felt that there was a lack of discussion about proper coding structure and design patterns. He wants to lay a strong foundation for new Java developers, built on his clean coding principles.

Marcus enjoys programming in Java because of the language’s structured rules. Marcus believes that while you can write “quick and dirty” code, and deceive yourself that you are saving time and money, doing it properly initially is worth the extra time and effort. Your code will then work reliably and consistently, requiring less maintenance, and proving to be more economical in the long run. So, one of his goals is to highlight the value of writing clean code when working on a project. He cares so much about this that he doesn’t allow whitespace at the end of his lines!

Communication with the client before and during programming is seen as vital, as Java is a language that bridges the gap between developer and client. Marcus tries to impress the value of this upon everyone he teaches. He loves programming passionately, and even enjoys spending his spare time reading books about Java and discussing Java philosophy with his fellow programmers on Quora.

Despite his strictness with Java, he loves trying crazy things, probably because he gets bored very quickly. He enjoys nature and likes hiking in the Alps as well as backpacking. He has traveled all over the world including visits to Brazil, China, Australia, and the USA. He also enjoys dancing, a good beer or wine, and adventuring around Munich. Marcus lives in Munich, Germany, with his wife, within walking distance of the Oktoberfest, and yes, he owns Lederhosen.

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