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Oana Juncu

Business DJ featuring Agile at cOemerge


Paris, France


Oana has more than 15 years of experience in software development management and since 2007 she has a lot of fun mixing whatever practices from Agile , Design Thinking , LeanStartup to neuroscience and storytelling , may help organisations find their purpose and become proud of their achievements that delight their customers.

Speaking Experience

Oana has been a speaker in various events such as Agile2013 in Nashville , Agile2015 in Washington , Scrum Gathering, Lean Kanban France, Agile Testing Days ( Berlin) , different Agile Tour events in France and wordlwide , and many other events in Europe.
The lates past two were Agile Testing Days 2015 in Berlin and Better Software 2015 in Florence , both in Novembre .
The upcoming events where Oana will be a speaker are AgileSlovenia in Dec 2015 in Ljubljana and APIL2015 in Tel-Aviv, Israel

I Love to Talk About

Agile testing Lean Startup User Experience Agile Product Ownership Organisations culture Design Thinking Customer Development Agile Coaching Agile Managers Agile Leadership