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Pedro Januário

Technology Evangelist and Co-founder at Singular


Lisbon, Portugal


He is a good communicator, passionate, versatile, objective oriented, self-taught, meticulous professional, with extensive academic and practical background on programming for high availability, distributed and service oriented systems.

Quality of service strongly connected with project objectives and innovative ideas is the foundation of my professional culture. With that in mind, I'm always looking for the best technical approach and solution for any given issue, without losing sight of the big picture and project milestones.

I've worked over with several IT management methodologies, but over the last years the agile methodologies, Scrum and Kanban, were the approaches that helped me and my teams to achieve the project objectives.

* SOA / Microservices / API Design
* Agile development practices
* Node.js / Ruby / ZeroMQ / Elasticsearch
* Ruby On Rails / Express.js / Rendr / Backbone

Personal: Fast learner, Dedicated. Confident, Organised, Team Player, Mediator