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Rana Gujral

Entrepreneur | Turnaround CEO | Investor | Columnist at TechCrunch & Forbes


San Francisco, United States


Rana is an Entrepreneur, Turnaround CEO and an Investor. Rana founded a leading enterprise SaaS startup TiZE and is a member of councils for Forbes and YEC - both invitation-only communities for innovative entrepreneurs and executives. Rana also serves as a contributing writer at TechCrunch and Forbes and advises several startups. Rana was recently listed among Top 10 Entrepreneurs to follow in 2017 by Huffington Post.

In his role as Founder and CEO of TiZE, Rana raised the initial round and led the company through its formative traction. Prior to TiZE, Rana was recruited to be a part of the core turnaround team for Cricut Inc. At Cricut, Rana led the initiative to build a first of its kind, innovative products for the DIY community and affected the turnaround of Cricut’s EBITDA position from bankruptcy to profitability within a span of 2 years. Previously, Rana held leadership positions at Logitech S.A. and Kronos Inc. where Rana was responsible for the development of best-in-class products achieving billions of dollars in revenue and contributed towards several award-winning engineering innovations. Rana has earned a variety of personal and product awards through his career and has been featured in TechCrunch, Forbes, Inc magazine, Huffington Post, Fast Company, NBC, Fox and CBS.

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