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Sandro Mancuso

Software Craftsman e founder of Codurance at Codurance


London, UK


Software craftsman, author of The Software Craftsman, founder of the London Software Craftsmanship Community (LSCC) and Codurance. Sandro has been coding since a very young age but only started his professional career in 1996. He has worked for startups, software houses, product companies, international consultancy companies, and investment banks.

During his career Sandro had the opportunity to work in a good variety of projects, with different languages, technologies, and across many different industries. Sandro has a lot of experience in bringing the Software Craftsmanship ideology and Extreme Programming practices to organisations of all sizes. Sandro is internationally renowned by his work on evolving and spreading Software Craftsmanship and is frequently invited to speak in many conferences around the world. His professional aspiration is to raise the bar of the software industry by helping developers become better at and care more about their craft.


Speaking Experience

I have been speaking at many conferences and user groups for many years. In the past few years I was also invited to give keynotes in many conferences around Europe and Asia.

I Love to Talk About

software craftsmanship extreme programming professional careers tdd software design agile transformation many inspirational talks for developers

Recorded Sessions