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Steliana Moraru

Marketing and Communication Manager at Mozaic Works


Bucharest, Romania


I have a diverse background that spans communication, marketing, program management & corporate social responsibility. A technology aficionado and a seasoned communication professional, I currently serve as Chief Marketing Officer for MozaicWorks, the leading company in Central & South-Eastern Europe in consultancy & training for software development teams. On the academic side, I'm a Ph.D. candidate in Communication & Public Relations, and teaching assistant.

Previously, I've worked for local and international nonprofits, as communication specialist & program manager. My main focus was on developing innovative projects that enabled the power of technology for the social good. I am passionate about how technology can changes communities, data in all forms (Big Data, Small Data, Open Data), and working people who want to drive a positive change.

From time to time, I write for different publications on topics regarding tech for civil society, corporate social responsibility, non-profits, and communication. Occasionally, I deliver training on communication & technology for nonprofits.

I Love to Talk About

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