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Svetlana Mukhina

Agile coach at Luxoft


Kiev, Ukraine


14+ years overall experience in IT, mostly as a delivery manager and a head of department. Currently working as an Agile and career coach  in Kiev Luxoft Agile Practice. I work closely with delivery managers, teams and customers, perform project processes assessment, provide team and individual Agile coaching, create and conduct trainings and workshops.  I enjoy seeing how understanding of this or that concept reaches a person mind and a-ha effect appears, I feel very inspired when know that I described or showed something innovative and useful for an individual or a team that make their live sparking with new colors and daily duties stop being a burden and become being fun.

Speaking Experience

ALE2014, Agile Gathering in St Petersburg 2014, IT Global Meetup #4 in St. Petersburg 2015, AgileDays 2015 in Moscow, Pmcon 2015 Kharkov, IT Spring Minsk 2015, SECR in Moscow 2015, LKR in Moscow 2015, I T.A.K.E. 2015, ALE2015, IT Global Meetup #6 in St. Petersburg 2015, Pmcon 2016 Kharkov, AgileDays 2016, LoGeek Night in Kiev, QA Challenge Accepted 2016 in Sofia, IT Spring 2016 in Minsk
(as url for videos, I have provided a link to my youtube, there are videos from some of the conferences and lot's of webinars that I'm conducting on Agile topics)

I Love to Talk About

metrics facilitation work with requirements coaching Scrum best practices

Recorded Sessions