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Thierry de Pauw

Agile Technical Coach at ThinkingLabs


Ghent, Belgium


Longtime (15+ years) software engineer, Jack of All Trades, apprentice devops. Passionate about software engineering in the broad sense. Always searching for simple and easy to understand solutions.

I like to help teams in creating meaningful software, with a keen eye for code quality and software delivery process - from customer interaction to continuous delivery. Instead of balancing quality & delivery, I believe and practice that better quality is actually a way to more and better deliveries. To me feature delivery and code quality goes hand in hand.

Speaking Experience

Agile Tour Brussels 2015 - Facts and Fallacies of Continuous Delivery

This was a session about the mindset you need to have to successfully implement Continuous Delivery. And it highlighted some facts … And some fallacies that exist in the minds of decision makers preventing them to take the leap forward.

XP Days Benelux 2015 - 3M Euro later: Moving a Team to become Agile in a Company with Too Much Money

This was an experience report about how a team inside a highly profitable company transitioned into becoming an Agile team embracing the DevOps culture.

I Love to Talk About

Agile Transition Lean Scrum eXtreme Programming DevOps Culture Continuous Delivery