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Tim Perry

Tech lead and Open-Source Champion at Softwire


Barcelona, Spain


By day Tim Perry is a tech lead and the open-source champion at Softwire, building great software for Softwire's clients and helping them give back to the wider development community.

By night he's a prolific open-source contributor on range of projects such as JUnit, Mockito, Knockout.js & Lodash, along with his own including loglevel & grunt-coveralls, and enthuses on all things relating to automated testing, polyglot persistence, and good old-fashioned high-quality software development.

Speaking Experience

I've spoken at a long list of technical conferences across Europe, including twice at least years ITAKE Unconf, on a huge variety of topics, particularly around areas like NoSQL, security, JavaScript and Open-Source. Some examples are listed at

If you'd like you can watch an example security talk from DevDay in Poland at, a web components talk from LNUG at, or some shorter lightning talks at and

I Love to Talk About

testing security automation nosql typescript architecture couchdb open-source build processes javascript

Recorded Sessions