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Victor Rentea

Senior Java Engineer. Architect & Technical Team Lead. Independent Trainer & Coach at IBM Romania


Bucharest, Romania


Sr. Java Developer.
Clean Coder.
Architect and Technical Lead at IBM Romania.

Independent Trainer & Coach: 1200+ trainees, 500+ hours:
Faculty Lecturer: “Design Patterns” at Computer Science Dept. of Politehnica University of Bucharest. PhD(CS).
International Conference Speaker: VoxxedDays Bucharest & Belgrade, Devoxx, IMWorld.

A passionate guy, able to gain and keep your attention for hours, with a very dynamic and interactive presentation style, spiced with jokes, metaphors and easy-to-remember visual representations. With considerable training experience for major players in enterprise Java development, I made a broad range of developer profiles understand even the most contrieved design principles.

*Developer Forever*, with 11+ hard years of experience, tackling the most technically challenging topics of all the projects I worked on.

I Love to Talk About

Clean Code Test Driven Development Refactoring